Trash Bin Cleaning Service in north Williamson County & Cedar Park Area

Enjoy fresh & clean trash bins safe for everyone to use.

"I’ll never go back to nasty dirty bins!" - David Hamilton

Let us do the dirty work!

Finally, store your bins in your garage without any nasty odor! We clean with super-heated, pressurized water and biodegradable degreasers for those tough jobs. We leave no mess behind, take all the dirty water with us, and dispose of it responsibly.


Rest assured, we use an eco-friendly process, using recycled water and non-harmful chemicals to clean and sanitize, leaving you with healthy and hygienic service!


We will make your trash bin look, smell, and feel brand new! No more flies and unbearable odors; we will make it right if we miss the mark!

& operated

Our trash bin cleaning services are provided with a personal touch, ensuring that your bins receive the highest quality care.

"we have nice, clean bins every month"

"I highly recommend Binny and the Jets! They’re professional, always on time and we have nice, clean bins every month. So grateful to have them, especially with the hot, summer months approaching."

Lo Streza via Google

Trash Bin Cleaning

Ditch the dirty bins and say hello to clean, sanitized trash cans!

Looking for an easier way to keep your trash bins clean? Look no further than a professional trash bin cleaning service by Binny and the Jets. With regular cleaning and disinfecting of the inside of nasty garbage bins, plus eliminating unpleasant odors, our services make trash disposal simpler and more reliable.

After an amazing job and great service of trash bin cleaning in Cedar Park.A trash bin before getting a power wash clean.

How it works

Submit a request

Fill out a quick form with your details and select a cleaning package.

Automatic scheduling

We will send you the date of our next available cleaning.

Friendly reminders

A reminder text and instructions are sent the day before we arrive.

Clean bins & easy invoicing

Day of service, you receive an invoice via text.

Our pricing


12 Cleans a Year


4 Cleans a Year


2 Cleans a Year


You can also get a one-time cleaning for $69.99.

Everyday household items can create harmful bacteria such as E-Coli, Listeria, Salmonella, and Streptococcus, attracting rodents, flies, and larvae. And if those bins are sitting in your garage, yikes!

Let us take care of it today!

Bin Pressure Washing

Restore your trash bins to like-new condition!

Keeping your trash bins clean ensures a safe and healthy environment. Now, with bin pressure washing, it's easier than ever! This process involves using high-pressure water jets to remove dirt and grime from bins while eliminating bacteria, fungi, mites, and other pathogens.

Great job cleaning a trash can and recycling bins with pressure washers and hot water in Cedar Park.

"professional and do a great job"

"We first used Binny and the Jets as a one-time service to clean out a very gross trash can. We loved it so much we signed up for them to regularly come out and love that no matter how gross or smelly our trash can is, Binny and the Jets can take care of it! They are quick, professional, and do a great job!"

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No more flies or smells.
We'll make it all
go away!

We take away the hassle of dealing with dirty, smelly bins by providing a professional service to make them look and smell brand new. We can clean even the toughest jobs with our super-heated, pressurized steam and biodegradable degreasers.