Terms and Conditions

No contract is needed!

Taxes not included.

Terms of service

A valid debit/credit card will be stored securely on file and will be auto-billed after each cleaning is completed. Monthly and Quarterly plans are discounted and therefore require a minimum of three (3) cleanings; if the service is canceled before three cleanings, a $35 stop fee will be incurred.

Delivery method policy

Services will be provided the day after your trash & recycling are picked up for the particular day of the month that we are in your neighborhood. Special appointments can be made as well by calling/texting 385-429-0122.

One-time forgiveness

If, for some reason, you miss your scheduled date, email or call us, and we will reschedule your cleaning for the next available date at no additional charge.  

An excessive amount of trash

If excessive trash is left in your bin, we grant 1-time forgiveness, and you will be notified and rescheduled. You are responsible for ensuring your can is empty on the day of your scheduled clean. Photos will be taken and sent to you.

Animal waste

We will NOT clean excessive animal waste. We will determine excessiveness, and photos will be taken and sent. Kitty litter must not be present, as it will damage our machines. Bin must be empty of removable garbage.


We only accept electronic payments via Credit or Debit cards.

Declined payments

If, for whatever reason, the payment was declined, you will be notified by email. It will inform you to schedule. You must update your card information online. You will then be prompted to update your card information using our customer portal on our website. After updating, you will receive an email within 48 hours with your scheduled service dates.


It must be submitted in writing at hellobinnyandthejets@gmail.com or by calling/texting 385-429-0122 48 hours before your scheduled clean. Unfortunately, we do NOT refund scheduled cleans after they are performed. If you are dissatisfied with the cleaning, please let us know, and we will do everything possible to make it right.

Refund & cancellation policy

If you are unsatisfied with the service, please email us at hellobinnyandthejets@gmail.com If we cannot resolve the issue, you will be refunded in full. *Please let us know via phone or email if you wish to cancel your service.

By asking for our services, you accept all Terms & Conditions.