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More than just trash bin cleaning.

As my wife and I raise our children, we worry that kids forget how to work and take pride in a job well done. Teaching our kids to work hard is something we take very seriously.

Storing trash bins in Texas heat - whether in your garage or outside -  is not for the faint of heart. 🤢 The stench is unavoidable - or so I thought! After some research, I learned how to build and operate a trashcan cleaning system that eliminated the grime, the germs, and the nasty smell. Best of all, it’s easy enough for my kids to help me with!

We want our children to have a lead role in the success of this business so that they find joy in working and serving others, learn how to grow a business, and save for their future. So, whether you see our kids getting their hands dirty cleaning your bins, knocking on doors, working on equipment maintenance, or balancing the books, be assured that the next generation of hard workers is in the making.

Jake Castle, Owner

Jake Castle, Owner and his family.

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